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Dress Code

It is absolutely necessary that the proper dance attire and shoes are worn during ALL classes. An instructor cannot observe the movement of the students unless the appropriate clothing is worn. Appearance should always be in a neat and clean fashion. Hair must be neatly pulled away from the face. Dangling bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are never allowed in class due to safety reasons. NO gum chewing.

Dress Code
  • Any style SOLID black leotard with Ballet Pink Footed Tights for all Ballet classes
  • Black jazz pants, Capri's or shorts may be worn in Jazz and Tap classes for all levels
  • A Ballet skirt may be worn for ballet classes
  • No oversized t-shirts are allowed to be worn during class
Dance Shoe requirments for ALL dance levels:
  • The brand of dance shoe can be substituted, however, please be sure to stay with the dance make and style of the shoes listed below.

Mini Dancers

Tap Shoes
Color: Black Patent Leather
Can also be found at WalMart, Target, and Payless

Capezio Jr. 'TYETTE' Tap Shoe

Ballet Slipper
Color: Ballet Pink
Can also be found at WalMart, Target, and Payless

Capezio Child 'Daisy' Ballet Slipper

Slip on Leather Jazz Shoe
Color: Black

Capezio 'Slip On' Leather Jazz Shoe

Junior & Senior Dancers:

A strict ballet dress code will be enforced for all Jr. and Sr. dancers taking ballet at AMDA.  If the dress code is broken on the day of class we will ask that you call home to see if clothes can be brought to you and if they can not be you will be asked to not participate in class. 

The customary attire of tights and a leotard during class time is to allow the dancer freedom of movement and allows not only the teacher but also the student to evaluate alignment and technique.

Ballet Attire:
   *Hair pulled back and away from face (a bun is preferred)
   *Pink Tights
   *Black Leotard
   *Black or Pink Ballet Skirt (optional)
   *Black Form Fitting Shorts (optional)
   *Pink Ballet Slippers

The policy will go into affect on Monday September 19th.

Dance wear can be purchased online at

Leather Tie Tap Shoe (with teletone taps)
Color: Black

Capezio 'Xtreme' Leather Tie Tap Shoe

Canvas Ballet Slipper
Color: Pink

Capezio 'Cobra' Canvas Ballet Slipper

Slip On Leather Jazz Shoe
Color: Black

Capezio 'Slip On' Leather Jazz Shoe

ALL Hip-hop Classes:

Dress Attire: Any moveable relaxed clothing (no jeans)
Shoes: Jazz Shoes or Sneakers

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